Saturday, 30 August 2008

Of Flinging Swords and Hugging Shields: WotLK Prot Changes

New ability: Weapon Throw (level 80): Throws your weapon at the enemy causing damage equal to 100% of AP. This ability causes high threat. 30 yd range, 0.5 sec cast, 20 sec cooldown

Amongst the latest news from the beta of WotLK the above ability, learned at level 80, seems the most exciting. But it's certainly not all to put a smile on us change-starved protection warriors: the latest build brings a whole host of updates to the prot tree - see full notes here.

Whilst this isn't exactly the big overhaul to prot talents we've been waiting for (Vigilance is still there in all its baffling glory), it certainly is a big step in the right direction.

We've had big buffs for our threat generation: see Shockwave (increased damage); Sword and Board (higher chance of a free shield slam); Critical Block (increased shield slam crit chance); Improved Defensive Stance (increased damage following a block, parry or dodge - somewhat assuaging us following the recent loss of Stalwart Protector); Improved Revenge (more damage). And well worth a mention is the increased duration of shield block from 5 to 10 seconds.

All of which speaks of a healthy amount of damage output on the horizon, and even more reason to cherish our shields (as the warrior manual says: "knoweth your shield, be at one with your shield, be your shield... then smasheth unholy face with your shield").

And while we're now hugging our bloodied-shield with one hand, we can go ahead and fling our sword at the fleeing enemy with the other. Life is good.


Cynra said...

I saw that ability and immediately thought of The Decapitator from Prince in Karazhan. My perky priestess's main tank loves that for pulls and I probably wouldn't give it a second thought if I saw something fly out of a Protection warrior's hands!

veneretio said...


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