Wednesday, 23 July 2008

10 Things All Warrior Tanks Should Know

1 Shield slam is your highest threat move, Revenge is your most rage efficient (most threat per rage).

2 Crit immunity is 490 defense.

3 Defense is still useful after 490: each point continues to improve dodge, parry, block, and chance to be missed (to give a comparison, 18.9 dodge rating = 1% avoidance, 19.7 defense rating = 1% avoidance).

4 Keeping shield block up will make you immune to crushing blows.

5 The hit cap is 142.

6 Expertise is all kinds of awesome: it's an exceptional tanking stat in terms of both threat and mitigation. It decreases the chance for your attacks to be parried or dodged, giving much more threat, and, as a parry increases the mob's next attack swing speed, giving you more mitigation.

7 The cap for expertise for mobs to no longer dodge your attacks is 23 (91 rating), and for mobs to no longer parry is (estimated at) 64 (253 rating); thus expertise is most effective upto 23, but is still useful afterwards.

8 Heroic strike does not share the global cooldown, making it a great threat ability to use for high-rage situations.

9 Block value is a cherished member of the tank stat family; block rating is its useless cousin.

10 Boasting about how big your shoulders are is the encouraged - nay, required - behaviour of being a tank.

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