Friday, 11 July 2008

Vashj deaded!

So after weeks of effort, we (we being the Serenity raiding community) managed to get ol' snakehead down last night. Much merriment, self-congratulation and general shrieking-until-microphones-broke followed. As only the 6th guild/community on our little, backwater server to achieve this, we are mighty proud of ourselves. Moreso, as we have proved in just a couple months that a casual raid community is just as capable of downing the big names as the more hardcore tribes out there (and, dare I say, with a hell of a lot more fun along the way).

The bad news is she dropped no defender tokens (bad Vashj!), the good news is she dropped a nice dps plate chest (good Vashj!), which we promptly nabbed. Damage Aru now looks decidedly green.

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